... this picture is gonna make you famous!

and the three other boys says hello to Sonny and Phil who just left us to go back home to Switzerland
(now with the new cat and dog in the house these boys are really starting to become a bad little gang!)

Love from Nati.

Postat av: Bas

gud vilken bild snuskig bild. Jag mår lite illa här borta.

2010-07-12 @ 19:08:08
Postat av: Natalie

men det är ju helt normalt när det är johan vi pratar om :P

2010-07-16 @ 10:19:37
Postat av: sonja

hihi love it!! i just see it now! Miss you so much guys. now we are just the two of us in the evening watching television.. :-( (whos balls is philippe gonna touch now? ;-)) hope your well.

big hug to all of your boys and most important to you!


2010-08-25 @ 16:31:23
Postat av: Natalie

aaah we miss you tooooo!

we're leaving the big house this month.. I think Johan wrote to Philippe so maybe have a look in his inbox :)

much love to both of you!

2010-09-01 @ 11:49:23

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